Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Australia Day Collection 2013 by Birdgurl

Hi all!
I have another request collection. This one is for Australia Day apparel for the sims.  I think that Australia Day did past but I didn't date these tops so they can be used for TOPs any time.
Most are just TOPs.
I have included Simcorner's mesh for the toddler boy outfits and Amaryll's mesh for the adult male tops.
The meshes you do need are:

MTS2 Kalyn06's mesh, Teen Boys Untucked

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Canada Day Collection 2013 by Birdgurl

Hello all!!
This was a request for Canadian themed clothing like my Fourth of July Collections.
This is out early but I hope someone will love it.
You will need H&M pack and Freetime for the outfits to show.
You will also need Alisa from Sisomnia's mesh, Todler_MESH_fem13-2FlowAlisa.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Victoria Secrets Store by Birdgurl

Hello all!!

I have a brand new store for you!!  You might have been wondering about all the current recolors might have been for a store and they were.  Your sims can shop in the Victoria Secrets Store in their neighborhood.

You definitely need OFB, Nightlife, and H&M packs.

Side Views:

AnoeskaB's Rotating Store Displays - White Recolor by Birdgurl

Hi everyone!
I love AneoskaB's Rotating Store Displays but they only came in tan wood. I wanted them in another color so I recolored the set in white. 
You will need OFB and her meshes here.


Victoria Secrets Store Extras by Birdgurl

Hi peoples!!
I have some extras for my store that I have recolored in pink. I recolored the Modern Baroque sets mirror and table and Cassandre's The Closet seat.
All the meshes are included.

Min's Shopping Bag - Victoria Secrets Recolor by Birdgurl

Hello all!
I have a simple recolor to BPS Min's Shopping bag.  I recolored it as a Victoria Secrets tote for my store.
The mesh you will need is from her Shopping Boxes set.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

4ESF Folding Sign Victoria Secrets Recolors by Birdgurl

Hi peoples!
I have a new folding sign recolor for a Victoria Secrets store.
You will to have OFP expansion pack and the Ad Sign from the  4ESF site.

Victoria Secrets Painting by Birdgurl

Hello all!

Here are some Victoria Secrets paintings that were made for a store.

I recolored the Suspense painting and OM 777.


Victoria Secrets Glamour Sign Recolors by Birdgurl

Hello all!
I have a Victoria Secret sign recolor collection. I made for a store I made and thought you might like it.
I used AMA Glamour Shop mesh and it is included.