Monday, May 21, 2012

Child Female Capris Collection 5

Hello peeps!

I have a brand new collection of capri outfits for your kid girls. 

I recolored Doursims's mesh.  No mesh needed.

Child Female Capris Collection 4

Hello all!

I have a new capri outfit collection for your kid girls!! 

I recolored Doursims mesh.  No mesh needed.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Birdgurl's Kid Boutique with CC


I have release the maxis version of this boutique but I have remodelled the inside to give the boutique a more realistic feel.  I decorated the store windows and added signs everywhere.

You will need OFB, H&M stuff pack, Seasons.

Store front:

Store sides:

Floor 1:

Floor 2:


Birdgurl's Kid Boutique

Hello all!!

Hi peeps!

I have a small little lot for you today.  This was part of a contest that I hosted some months back at Colour Sims.  The point was to decorate the front two displays, that's why they are empty. 

Its a perfect little kids clothes boutique for your sims to shop.  And you can decorate the front window how you want.

You need OFB, H&M Stuff pack, Seasons.

Birdgurl's Huge Sign Recolor

Hello all!

I have a huge sign recolor you!  Its my banner on a sign!
I use it for my store. 

I used Retail Sims sign mesh, Huge Sign.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Say Yes to the Dress Store

Hello all!

Here is my other favorite store.  I love throwing big weddings!  When my sims get engaged they need to take a trip to my wedding store, Say Yes to the Dress.  Where your sims can find everything wedding day related.  From the most important dress, tux, shoes, flowers, accessories, and wedding furniture set up out back. 

You will need OFB.

Store front

Floor 1

Floor 2

Outside back


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Carter's Store

Hi peeps, its me again!

Here is my second favorite toddler/children themed store named Carter's. 

I hope you love it!

You will need OFB, H&M, Nightlife.

Store front

Floor 1

Floor 2

Outside back

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Jumping Beans Store

Hi there!

I have a brand new store for you to love!  Its a toddler/children clothing store named after my favorite brand of clothing I use for my clothes recolors.  I added a playground in back for your kids to play while they wait for their parents and there's a small play area inside too!

I hope you love it!

Store Front

Floor 1

Floor 2



Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kohl's Store

Hello all!!

Ok here is my favorite store and I was very proud how it turned out.  Well being a clothes designer, I have had to send my sim parents out the stores to buy my newest creations.  Well I got sick of going to the same old stores so I started to create my own.  And well the real Kohl's is one of my favorites, so I tried to recreate in game. 

I have almost all expansion packs and stuff packs.  You need of course, OFB, H&M stuff pack, Glamour stuff pack, G&M stuff pack, Seasons.
I hope you like it.

Side view

Floor 1:

Floor 2:

The Tour:

I don't know if the sign recolor will come up or not??  But it is from Mog Huughson herself.  She was so kind in recoloring the sign for me.  Mesh and recolor are both by her!

You will need her mesh here: Illuminated Shop Sign

Mira Shop Shelves Recolors


This is brand new set of recolors that I just finished.  Its part of a project I started to color match the 4ESF Fashion Set, Sunair Fashion Sets, and Raynuss's Fixed Fashion Set.  These are all my favorites and I used them for all my own stores. 

Well I love the Mira Shop shelves and now they will color match the sets or can be used for wherever you want.

Meshes are included.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Mira Shop Shelves - White Recolor


I have a small recolor set.  I love the Mira Shop shelves and use them everywhere, but I wanted a simple white recolor.  So I that's what I did.

All the meshes are included.

Jumping Beans Dress Racks Recolors

Hello all!

I thought that I had released everything but I forgot about two dress racks I recolor some time back. 

The first one is from favorite 4ESF Fashion set.  But that set could not be recolor, so BPS member Raynuss had fixed it so it could recolorable.  I recolored his set.  Since his fixed is no longer posted I included his mesh.

The Second one is from SimsConnection, their Cruise Ship Shop Dress Rack.  The site is closed so the mesh is included.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Trend Bags Kohl's Recolors


I had to include these store shopping bags I recolored a while ago.  Its for my Kohl's store. 

I used Pimp My Sims's Trend Shop Shopping Bag mesh and it is included.

Trend Bags Carters Recolors

Hello all!!
To help complete my Carters store clutter set. Here are some shopping bag decor.

I used Pimp My Sims's Trend Shop Shopping Bag mesh and it is included.


Carters Big Sign Recolors

Me again!

Here with some big 2 tile Carters signs.

I used Retailsims's painting meshes.  2 tile sign.

Carters Picture Advertisements Recolors

Hi peeps!

I have Carters brand themed advertisements for your stores.

The mesh from AMA Glamour Shop is included.

Anoeska Shop Carters Folding Signs Recolors

Hi again!

I used the same set and recolored the folding sign in Carters ads.  These sign have one slot for decor!

To get the complete set, AnoeskaB's Shop til You Drop Superset

You do need Open for Business for the set.