Sunday, March 8, 2015

Child Female PJ Collection 4


A few of you asked me for some Pjs for girls, so I made you all some Frozen themed PJs. I hope you love them.  

They will be found under SLEEPWEAR. 

Child Female Sleeve Collection 27

Hi peoples.

I have even more Frozen outfits for your girls to love.  Hope these outfits will keep your sim girls warm. 

Child Female Sleeve Collection 26

Let it go! Let it Go!

Ok, enough of that song. Here are some Frozen themed outfits for your sim girls to love. 

The tops are of the princesses with pink pants.

Child Female Sleeve Collection 25

Hello all!

Today I have a brand new collection of trendy long sleeve outfits for your sim girls to love.  They have a heart love theme to them. Perfect for the cold weather.