Monday, December 19, 2011

Advent 2011 - Day 19!

Here is today's gift!

I loved these kids sets but I wanted them in different colors to match my kid's room. So I recolored them myself.  I hope you love them too!

Meshes included are:

Holy Simoly 3 tile painting mesh

Meshes needed are:

Colores Room by Simscontrol


  1. Hi !
    Thank you very much for this great Advent Calendar ! It's a real pleasure to visit your blog and discover which goodies you made for us everyday !
    I just wanted to tell you that the "Colored Room" recolor isn't available for download : when I downloaded the file, it was the "Girl murals" recolors set that I got instead of Pilar's set recolor...
    I really wanted to add this wonderful set to my game ! ;)

    Thanks for all you do for us and our Sims !

    I hope you have a great holiday season,


  2. They are there. You have to hunt them down. First you must be a member and join. Then click on the Club tab. In the left hand side, you will see a red box that has Sims 2. Click on the link provided. Then on the left side again, you see a blue Menu box. Click on MESHES. Scroll down to about the 19th posted. There it is. ( I will try to ask someone at Simscontrol if i could just included the meshes.)

  3. I hope you get it.

    And thank you so much!!

  4. Hi again !

    Thanks for your reply ! ;) I got the mesh for this set without any problem (I'm a member of SimControl)... :) In my message, I meant that the file you posted a link to is not the good one : the download for the 19th day of your advent calendar is the "Girls Mural " recolor set instead of Pilar's recolor set. I'm sorry if you misunderstood my post : English is not my native language and it's not easy for me to be clear.

    Thanks again for everything you do ! :)

    Lila. ;)

  5. Oh sorry! My brain was so fried from all the holiday stress! It's fixed now. Thank you so much for telling me!