Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Child Female Dress Collection 23

Hi all!

Here are some more new summer dresses for your sim girls to play in.

You will need Liana Sims 2 mesh, C004.


  1. These are absolutely adorable, Birdgurl.
    I am participating in Elle's Zany Baby Boom Challenge at Sugah's Place.
    Since I had no clothes for the wee ones in my game, I knew to come here FIRST THING for fun, fabulous fashions for my little pixel people.
    Thank you for sharing your talent with us. I am going to be downloading a whole bunch from your site tonight. ;)

  2. You are most welcome. However, I would very much like to download only certain colors of a set, not ALL. How do I distinguish between your collections, if I want only 3 out of 6 in a set???

  3. The order of the collection is the pictures of the models.

    Or you could download all the collections you want, go into bodyshop and delete the ones you don't want. Its how I weed out the older clothes because there are always new beautiful bodyshop out there.