Monday, October 22, 2012

Divia - Adult Female Sim by Birdgurl

Hello peoples!

To kick off my Halloween collection, here is the first upload.  This is a sim named Divia.  She all dressed up ready to go to the Masquerade ball.



  1. Thanks for this. I'm Lizzy who created the costume make up (head accessory). In my ReadMe for the Gypsy Bellydance set I specified that it's necessary to link back to my forum

    If you don't I got the right to ask you to remove this costume make up from your Sim.


  2. Thank you very much then. The fact is that the head jewel (custome make up) is originally Tabala's make up from Picolink multiwear and I added the jewelish part from a photo and it was a bit hard work for me to adjust properly.

    Linking back to my forum does not mean inviting people to join, but just let them. It's not seeking trouble, but you also want a link back to your blog if someone uses your creations. By the way you got great one for toddlers, children.

    Best regards, Lizzy