Friday, December 14, 2012

Advent 2012 - Day 14!

Merry Christmas!!!
Today my gift is not clothes! Its a room set I called "Push and Shove Room".  It has a No Doubt theme to it. Well the patterns of clothing they wear.
All meshes are included:
Carmen's Coffeetable and sofa.
Ohbehave's Angel's Lounge Picture Mesh and Trick or Treat Picture Mesh
BPS Cassandre's DOTY 2010 meshes: Chair, Curtain, Painting, and Pillow Set Master Mesh.
BPS Cassandre's Plum Mini-set : Mannequin
Jope Living 9 Chair Mesh
SIP Living 6 Sofa
Om's Painting 1800 mesh
 I hope you love it! And I added a Collection file see you can find all the items.

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