Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Advent 2012 - Day 25!

Merry Christmas!!
Its finally here!!  And the last day of the advent calendar!!
I have three gifts for you!!  Two stores! Well its the one and the other is the same one dressed up for Christmas!  And the last gift is pack of store clutter recolors!
Here is my second Birdgurl Kid Boutique II.  Its bigger with more clothes to buy from.
You need OFB, H&M stuff pack, Freetime, and Christmas pack.
Here is the second store dressed up for Christmas.
Here is a collection of store clutter recolors for your stores.

Christmas themed H&M banners, Suza's skirts, H&M clothing booth, H&M hanging sign, and Cassandre's recolors.
Most of the meshes are included. I recolored Cassandre's Store. You will need Suza's skirt mesh from her Kid Clutter.